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Private Group Tour

We have fixed rates for privatizing any of our bike tours, depending on the number of participants in your group.

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Your own Ride, Guide, and Rhythm. Enjoy your dedicated time riding Bikes with Family, Friends, or Colleagues.

Looking for Things to do in Quebec City with your Group? Private Tours are perfect for:

  • Couples - get some quality time discovering Quebec City by Bike together
  • Families & Friends - have fun while learning and spending time together outside
  • Corporate Groups - take a break from the office or conference room to get outside and get inspired
  • Bachelors / Bachelorettes - get in some active outdoor time during your party weekend

Prices Start at $65 per person. A Private Tour fee of $0-$250 applies, depending on group size.

Available for Groups Sizes of 2 to 20

Guide, Bike, Helmet, and a Drink Included!

Easy-going riding with super comfortable Bikes

Choose one of our Daily Bike Tours and turn it into your own Private Tour.

Quebec City Bike Tour – The Essentials

Begin your stay in Quebec City by riding the essential Upper Town sights, discovering Old Quebec, nature, and stunning views.

Quebec City Bike Tour – Hoods & Hidden Gems

Ride hip neighbourhoods, a riverside bike route, historic Old Quebec, and the Old Port & St. Lawrence River.

Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

Both of them! No seriously, they are both quite different. We recommend to book both our tours together as a Combo – you will receive a 25% discount on the second if you book both in advance.

Only time for one tour? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Quebec City Bike Tour – The Essentials– best for first-time visitors, or those that want to visit the core of the city.  It’s not all Old Quebec  though, this tour also visits a residential neighbourhood, the huge Plains of Abraham park, and offers incredible views of the Old City and the St. Lawrence River from above.

Quebec City Bike Tour – Hoods & Hidden Gems — best for those that want to dive a little deeper into the lifestyle and pulse of the city. This is the tour that will even impress locals as it visits both major sites (such as Lower Old Quebec, the Old Port, and the Old Port Market), but also some tucked-away spots like riding laneways in the neighbourhood of Limoilou.

Yes, booking in advance is required. Our tours typically sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance.

Almost everyone yes! Ours tours run at a relaxed pace, and include plenty of breaks and informational stops along the way. The tours stick mostly to bike paths, although we occasionally run along quieter city streets and through parks.
Those who know Quebec City will know there are a lot of hills – but don’t worry, we’ve chosen routes that minimize the hills, and we’ve also chose bikes that are very comfortable and easy to ride.
Lastly, riding in a group is helpful and we always provide tips for smart and safe riding at the beginning of each tour. If you’ve ridden a bike before, you’ll be more than fine!

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